Head-On Collisions

Causes of Head-on Collisions:

Head-on crashes usually occur when a vehicle crosses the centerline or median and collides with an approaching car. While this can be the result of one driver’s attempt to pass another car on a two lane road, most fatal head-on collisions actually don’t occur in passing situations. Instead, these types of crashes are much more likely to occur when a driver inadvertently drifts from his or her lane into oncoming traffic. In fact, most head-on collisions involve at least one party’s negligent actions, which could include:

Speeding, Driving while fatigued, Distracted driving and Driving while intoxicated

Head-on Collisions can be horrific accidents with tragic results. Two cars traveling at 50 mph crashing into each other has the same effect as if a car drove straight into a concrete wall at 50 mph. The effect is as if the cars crashed at 100 mph. There is no “give” in the impact as both cars come to an abrupt stop.

The results are staggering: two percent of crashes are head-on collisions, but head-on collisions account for 10 percent of fatalities, according to government statistics.

What to do if you have been in a Head-On collision?

Seek medical treatment and call am accident injury attorney. Do not sign any papers from your or the other driver’s insurance company until you have consulted an attorney. Do not give a recorded statement to an insurance adjustor or agent without talking to an attorney first. As tempting as it is to be forthcoming, you can only hurt yourself.

Typical Injuries

Due to the extreme force involved in most head-on collisions, injuries sustained by occupants tend to be particularly severe and include:

Traumatic brain injuries, which are often the result of a person’s head coming into contact with an object in the vehicle. Sudden impacts can lead to swelling or bleeding in the brain, which if not immediately treated can cause permanent damage or death.

Spinal cord damage, which often occurs when fractured pieces of the vertebrae come into contact with and damage the bundle of nerves that make up the spinal cord. Spinal cord damage can have permanent consequences, including paralysis.

Burns caused by exploded fuel tanks can also cause significant injuries and scarring and often require victims to undergo multiple surgeries and physical therapy.

Severe whiplash, which is the result of a driver’s head snapping forward and backward after a sudden impact. This motion causes the muscles and ligaments in the neck to become strained or stretched, which can lead to restricted movement and chronic pain.

Fractures to the sternum and ribs, caused by a driver forcefully coming into contact with the steering wheel or seat belt. Broken ribs can make movement and breathing difficult and are known for taking a significant amount of time to fully heal.

Crushed legs and hips, which are caused by the sudden impact involved in head-on collisions, but are also often the result of a victim’s being trapped beneath the wreckage of the vehicle.

Internal organ damage is usually caused by a person’s torso coming into sudden contact with another object, such as a seat or dashboard and can lead to internal bleeding.

Head-On collision Kent WA?

Some things to do if you are involved in a bus accident:

Immediately seek medical attention if needed

Call 911, contacting the police is important for many reasons even if only to ensure that more more injuries do Not occur at the same bus accident site from other accidents occurring. The police will investigate the scene and also try and determine who they believe is at fault for the accident, and file a bus accident report.

Get everyone's contact information. Name and address of all drivers, as well as any witnesses or other passengers.

Take notes. Write down anything you believe may be important.

Contact an experienced accident injury lawyer.

It is very vital that you contact an experienced attorney and begin a proper investigation into the accident . Bus companies and their lawyers will vigorously defend their drivers.

If you are a victim of a bus accident Contact Mark A. Hammer & Associates, Inc.